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ARCHITECTURE FILM is the best way to show your implemented architecture project to an audience.

Such video can be a great helper in the real estate sector,

as well as an emotional presentation for your architecture portfolio. 

It can play a promotional role on your social media platforms and in digital architecture & design magazines. 


There are plenty of ways how to talk about the project. It can be 

  • a mixture of interview and architecture filming in case you would like to share the background story of the idea or creation process (documentary direction) 

  • footage of the space or a building with the voice over 

  • footage of the space with some graphical implementation


We try to make the process and communication as easy as possible. It all starts with Your desire to order a video and a request button. Then together with You, we establish goals that you want to achieve with the video, define a budget, brand voice, and message You want to share. 

The process will follow three main steps: 

01. IDEA.

  •  1-2 storytelling ideas;

  • detailed selection of the information, that would be placed in the video;

  • music selection (2-3 tracks to choose from). 


  • real film on Site;

  • Interviews with your employees;

  • drone footage.


  • cut;

  • animated diagrams;

  • graphical & text integrations;

  • voice over;

  • subtitles;

  • sound design;

  • colour correction;

  •  customisation for different formats;

  • final export for placement in various online platforms. 

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