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ARCHITECTURE / DESIGN CONCEPT PROMO VIDEO is a promotional video that we have placed in a separate category in our list of services. 
It is the video where we talk about a concept. Such video can be successfully used on the life concept presentation, as a part of a competition entry package, on the website, or for other promotional purposes. Such video can successfully combine animation, renderings, diagrams, stock or filmed footage, and wrap it on one emotionally engaging story.


We try to make the process and communication as easy as possible. It all starts with Your desire to order a video and a request button. Then together with You, we establish goals that you want to achieve with the video, define a budget, brand voice, and message You want to share. 

Creating a promo for an architectural concept is a little different because it is not so much about filming in this case. A video is about a future vision, strategy, idea, inspiration, and emotion. We often use stock footage and architectural animation to make the video more alive. The successful combination of both helps to create the reality of the future and allows people to immerse themselves in the vision of the future project.

​Often a project manager would like to have a video for the final client presentation but does not have the extra time for video production. We offer a parallel workflow between our team and architecture for such cases. Such parallel work saves time and lets the architecture team works more on the design.

The process will follow three main steps: 



Product Reveal



Concept Design of the Sochi Coast,

UN Studio

The Netherland, 2021


Present the concept design idea 

of the Sochi Cost.

(Architecture Design and Animation Render

by UN Studio Team;

Ideation, video storytelling, cut with all stock footage selection, Sound design

by boma.videoproduction).


Product Reveal


Prescription_CAMPUS 02.png

Concept Design of PM Campus.



The Netherland & Ukraine , 2022


Present the concept design of the IT Campus.

(Animation Render  by Maksym Lysogora;

Ideation, storytelling, cut with all stock footage selection, Sound design  by boma.videoproduction).


Product Reveal


KRYLA 01.png

Kryla. Architecture Promo video.

Concept Design of Kryla


Ukraine, 2021


Atmospherical animation for the project reveal presentation.

(Animation Render  by Maksym Lysogora;

Ideation, storytelling, cut with all stock footage selection, sound design  by boma.videoproduction).

01. IDEA.

  •  1-2 storytelling ideas;

  • detailed selection of the information that would be placed in the video;

  • accurate script of the   chosen idea;

  • music selection (2-3 tracks to choose from). 


  • stock footage selection based on the script;

  • render animation;

  • ​real film at your location;

  • Interviews with your employees.


  • cut;

  • animated diagrams;

  • graphical & text integrations;

  • voice over;

  • subtitles;

  • sound design;

  • colour correction;

  •  customisation for different formats;

  • final export for placement in various online platforms. 

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